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Development of Automatic Defect Recognition algorithm for Liquid Penetrant testing (Fluorescent Penetration process)

FPI Image

FPI Image

FPI- ADR's Detection mapped on the component


Dhvani R&D developed an Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR), a software algorithm to detect the defects automatically without human interference. This algorithm is integrated with Fluorescent penetrant testing process automatic detection of defects.

System Descripion:

  • 1. After the Fluorescent Penetration process, the image of the component is taken under UV light with Camera set up on top of the Image.
  • 2. The camera will take the images of the sample and will be processed using ADR software.
  • 3. Using Dhvani's Image Processing libraries, the defects in the image are identified. Pre-processing of the image is carried out to remove the noise in the images.
  • 4. The defects detected by ADR software are mapped on the component.