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Digital Twin
NDE 4.0


Dhvani Analytic Intelligence Pvt Ltd (DAI) is a global leader in the development and deployment of NDE 4.0 tools and technologies globally. A wide range of products and applications development and niche consulting services form a part of the solutions portfolio within DAI.

The focus areas are to:

Develop, demonstrate and productize new diagnostic tools
Develop new solutions and markets for NDE technologies and
Increase awareness and provide training in new techniques and technologies

Most of the solutions being provided by the company are novel, address problems that have never been solved before and lead to sustainable, high impact solutions.


Integrated Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions and have in-house expertise to customise sensors, technologies, hardware and software required to deploy a business level solution. Years of expertise in delivering successful projects have helped DAI develop specialisation verticals put together solutions ranging from robotics to enterprise dashboards and more.

Knowledge Management

The repository of domain information available with us helps clone the expertise that exists within our clients' organisations, facilitates transition of training and reduces the potential for errors in detection of defects. In addition to using machines for task based jobs, a clear focus and value proposition is in the development of virtual experts in NDE.


Our approach is to develop a community of solution providers and domain experts to support development of state of the art technologies. Translation of academic research to industry through collaboration with CNDE (IITM) and partnerships with OEMs, and other industry partners have propelled delivery of successful projects at DAI.

Innovation in Solution

Our solutions are niche in nature with a large level of customisation based on client needs. Developing simulators for hard to access samples, visualisation tools, intuitive tools to create drawings of parts for planning and optimizing tests have allowed us to fill critical gaps in our solutions while helping deliver much needed products for our clients.