SIMSCAN - Ultrasonic ScanPath Generator

SIMSCAN – A Contour Path Generator Software that generates the Contour Points along the surface of the given STL file that can be used with Dhvani’s C_Scan Machine. Modules to Visualise Real-time Scan Path and Post-Processing module to view A-Scans at Contour Points.

Pipelines are supported at intermediate distances by pipe supports. Corrosion is more prone to occur at these support regions of pipelines due to the presence of all the key ingredients needed to accelerate corrosion like water, minerals, and the stress concentration in the presence of a crack. The common types of corrosion at the supports include corrosion spread along the circumferential or longitudinal direction of the pipe. In most cases the corrosion defect at the support locations is localized in nature with smaller pitting corrosion.

The Scan Path generator reads the triangular mesh data from .stl or .slp files, and accumulates the points on the vertex of the triangles that lie on the contour line. The scan path generator algorithm generates the surface points at equal sampling interval using an interpolation technique.