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SIMSONIC Ultrasonic Simulation Software

SIMSONIC is an Ultrasonic Simulation Software with two modules

Ray-based module is quick and the transducer beam is modeled as bunch of rays, whereas, FDTD is wave model. Ray based module has both 2D and 3D Simulation options for immersion, contact and wedge modes of inspection.

FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) Module, SIMUT:

This module is capable of utilizing the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) for simulation. Graphics card with CUDA support is needed to use this feature. FDTD is a 2D based for contact and wedge modes of inspection

SIMSONIC has two Add-on Modules:

1. SIMCAD - Dhvani's CAD modeling software to store the drawings in STL file format.

2. SIMSCAN - Contour-path generator. For any given CAD file, the contour path can be generated and can be stored in the file format that can be used with Dhvani's C-Scan machine. The same file can be used in SimSonic and simulated file can be viewed in Dhvani's C-Scan Contour Path Visualiser

Software features are as follows:

Specimen Geometry:

  • Import 3D CAD files with SLP and STL formats of the components to be inspected
  • Pre-defined geometries for standard Weld geometries
  • Import of Pipe Assemblies in STL file formats: Bevel-type weld pipes, Pipe-Nozzle Assemblies


Immersion Probes, Contact Probes, Angle Beam Probes, Phased Arrays

Inspection Modes:

Pulse Echo, Pitch Catch, Through-Transmission, TOFD

Live Simulated A-Scan and B-scan Displays

Material Libraries:

  • In-built library for component materials with option to define by the user
  • Library with standard wedges and Phased Arrays
  • Provision to define the component with 3 different materials
  • Defects with any arbitrary shapes and sizes can be inserted as STL files

Analysis Tool:

  • Visualization of A-scans and B-scans, superimpose the B-Scan on the component
  • Linear Scan and Sectorial Scan with Phased Array and visualization
  • Tool to identify the modes (Longitudinal or Shear)
POD (Probability of Detection) simulations
Report Generation
In-built User Manual with Case Studies
SIMUT - Conventional and Phased Array Simulator

SIMUT is a software package for simulating the ultrasonic wave propagation. Available with features are listed below:

Parallel coding for fast performance

SimUT kernel is developed with multi-threading implementation which utilizes parallel processing feature of the computer. Computers with multi-core processor can take benefit of multi-threaded implementation

GPU based parallel implementation for ultrahigh speed execution

SimUT is capable of utilizing the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) for simulation. Graphics card with OpenCL support is needed to use this feature.